‘Alpha’ Man

Alpha Investments has only been on You Tube for about six months, but in that time the channel has gained a fast reputation for offering solid collectible card game investment advice wrapped in no-holds-barred commentary from founder and host, Rudy the Magic Guy. No subject is off limits as Rudy dissects and skewers games like Force of Will, Pokemon, and — especially — Magic: The Gathering. His videos garner thousands of views almost immediately, and his nearly 10-minute tirade urging people to buy Khans of Tarkir sealed product instead of Eternal Masters went viral within the Magic community.

Still, despite the off-the-wall personality that Rudy presents online, he is infinitely knowledgeable when it comes to collectible investments. He’s like that secret broker your friend’s parents have, telling them when to buy and when to sell for maximum profit. Except that Rudy is sharing his knowledge online for the world to use — and garnering not a few laughs for his wacky antics along the way.

Vintage Magic writer Patrick Scalisi sat down with Rudy for a Skype interview to talk about his passion for Magic and investing, and to get to know the man behind the Alpha Investments brand.



Tim says:

Mar 31,2018

First off I was one of those tapping alpha cards o te driveway…uugghhh. Vintage, Rudy, open boosters are just about all I follow for mtg finance and I just love the content, Don't worry all the haters are miserable…due to lack of inteligence or ignorance, maybe thier just ealous because they wish they could be in your guy's position, who knows, who cares.

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