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Brian Weissman Shares “The Deck” Strategies

Check out the videos below from the Legendary Old School Magic Player – Brian Weissman.  In these videos, Brian shares a version of the deck that features a singleton Shivan Dragon as his main win condition.  Brian since then as changed his deck based on the meta-game, but the videos below do give a lot of insight of how “The Deck” should be played for it to be successful against your opposition.







Larsen says:

Oct 27,2018

You really need to stop talking over the person you're interviewing. Half of these videos consist of you saying pointless things and interrupting Weissman. People don't watch these to hear you shout "you heard it here first, guys!" in response to his explanations. Let the other person speak and don't say anything unless it's actually topical.


Gabriel Tsang says:

Sep 12,2018

Came across this just now and watched part 1. Brings back many memories old friend, good too see you are still sharp.

Awesome stories and hope you still have that Revised Fork. 😀

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