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Card Name: Force of Will
Date Released: May 8, 2014
Set: Promo
Type: DCI Judge Foil
Graded: N/A
Overall Vintage Investment Value (VIV): 2






1. Playability | VIV = 4

The Force of Will (FOW) is considered one of the most important cards in Eternal formats – Vintage & Legacy. This card is widely used in many decks, there is no question that not having the card in your deck puts you at a disadvantage.


2. Collectiblity/Rarity | VIV = 3

The first print run is estimated to be around 3,000 copies. This may make it seem very rare (actually less than a Beta rare) and attractive as an investment, but the main question is the demand for the card in the long term. The main demand demographic for this card would be players who want to “PIMP” out their deck, thus collecting a playset of 4. Chances are higher there will be less long term demand in comparison to the Alliances version of FOW (which is priced a more favorable rate -less than $100) with the same gameplay result. The other major collectible issue is FOIL cards either loved or hated. There is quite a bit of collector/players who have not embraced FOIL cards and the premium it commands.


3. Growth/Volatility | VIV = 1

Why am I giving it the lowest rating? The initial price of the DCI Judge Promo Force of Will has soared to as much as $1000 per card. The reality is that we have already seen the volatility with prices of dropping to $500 in the off eBay marketplace. I parallel the FOIL FOW as an IPO crashing even further. Growth wise, you can only expect the price of these to eventually level off. My prediction is that the price will settle at $250 to $400 a piece.


Overall Vintage Investment Value (VIV) = 2



Doing the math, this card would round up from a 2.6667 to a 3.0 VIV grade. However I am going to recommend a firm 2 on this card. The main reason is that the volatility of foils and the demand really depends on the number of players looking to “PIMP” their decks. From a budget position, most players do not have $3000 for a playset. In estimating a 5 year growth evaluation, I would see more of a decline or flat line of growth versus a 100% return. The Alliances Force of Will has more growth value. It is more affordable, has arguably the most iconic artwork in Magic history, no FOIL-age, and can be altered and PIMP’ed further by the amazing Terese Nielsen.


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Adolphus says:

Mar 31,2019

You were pretty spot on with this one. A year after you wrote this Eternal Masters/EMA came out and crashed the price on this version. The foil EMA version is still priced higher at the moment! I.e. approx 400Usd to 300Usd.

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