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  • Vintage Magic @VintageMTGSOLD. Power 9 has skyrocketed as of late. Quality grades copies are being bought up. Dont miss out before its too…

  • Vintage Magic @VintageMTG"Mana Crypt" Original Art by Volkan Baga going to new owner today. Check out video of the art coming this week =…

  • Vintage Magic @VintageMTGHappy Birthday to my client!!! If you want me to meet you and hand deliver Magic Cards, happy to so, DM me to get t…

  • Vintage Magic @VintageMTGOut to clients...who said Beta was better than Alpha??? ALPHA or BETA...WHY??? #MTG #vintagemagic #alpha @ Kailua…

  • Vintage Magic @VintageMTG"Wheel of Fortune" by Sadie [original #mtg art by Daniel Gelon]. With current pandemic her husband wanted a print…

  • Vintage Magic @VintageMTGRudy can ***k it. #mtg #alphainvestments #vintagemagic #mtgfinance @ Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa

  • Vintage Magic @VintageMTGFunny World we live in. Years ago, I was buying this card raw for $200 people thought I was making a bad move, TOD…

  • Vintage Magic @VintageMTGJust posted a photo @ Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

  • Vintage Magic @VintageMTGWhat is your FAVORITE Tropical Island??? #vintagemagic #hawaii #bahamas #mtg #pokemon #bitcoin #cryptocurrency…

  • Vintage Magic @VintageMTGJust posted a photo @ Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

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