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VintageMagic.com 2018 YouTube 10,000 Subscriber ESSAY CONTEST

Thank you EVERYONE for your patience as we launch the OFFICIAL 10k YouTube Subscriber Essay Contest.

This page will be where I will share important announcement of the contest and share supplemental videos.

I have received over 100 submissions for the essay so please be patient as we read and go through each essay.

Thank you for supporting my YouTube Channel and watching my content, Daniel Chang


ESSAY Contest Rules =

  1. No purchase necessary
  2. Your submission is a ONE TIME SUBMISSION.
  3. Your essay should be fully edited.
  4. DEADLINE for submissions end day 10.15.2018
  5. Essay must be in Microsoft Word or Email Form.  No only entries will be allowed in other types of document forms.
  6. Please keep the length of the Essay readable. Meaning, there is no world minimum or limit.  However, if you’re rambling it probably won’t be effective to the reader.
  7. THE TOP 3 Essays will be selected by me.  I will send the TOP 3 Essays to various MTG community members whom are my friends to vote.
  8. By submitting the essay you agree that it maybe read on YouTube and other social media outlets.  Your personal information will not be disclosed, unless agreed by you via email.
  9. WINNER of the contest will receive airfare for one, and 2 nights to Orlando, FL during mid-Feb. 2019 OR a MTG Grand Prix where I travel. Coordination of travel will be required.
  10. NOTE: A Second place winner will also be selected if the winner cannot go for any reason.
  11. ANYONE around the world can enter, as the plane ticket can originating ANYWHERE you live.



  1. If you were the CEO of Wizards of the Coast, what would you do?  Keep in mind I’m not leading you to clean house, I’m asking WHAT WOULD YOU DO, I am looking for you to be creative give me a business plan, ideas, whatever…you would do…
  2. Share a CHALLENGE in your life that you turned to a different direction.  It can POSITIVE, NEGATIVE, NEUTRAL.  Please keep it specific and personal, intimate about YOU.
  3. WHAT ABOUT THE OLDER Magic: the Gathering cards, artwork, artist proofs, misprints, whatever, THAT HITS HOME TO YOU.  Why, DO THE OLDER item(s) hit home to you.  Tell me your intimate experience about the older formats for MTG.  It doesn’t have to be an item, it can be experience with your family or friends, etc…







John says:

Aug 26,2018

Much love on this Beautiful Sunday. Best Wishes to you and the Family. Hope everyone Good luck in the Contest! Cant wait to see you hit 10,000!!


Byung J Park says:

Aug 15,2018

i sent the essay to daniel@vintagemagic.com. Not sure if that was the right email to send it to.

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