The Vintage Magic Gallery invites you to explore the world of Fantasy Art unlike any other experience before.  Our exhibitions will feature both the rich history of Magic: The Gathering Illustration Artwork as well as non-illustration pieces in the world of Imaginitive Realism.  

Vintage Magic Original Art (1993-1996)

Jesper Myrfors, the original art director for Magic: The Gathering had a vision. He believed in artists creating works that would be original art that had their own identity. Limited art directio...

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The Art of Mark Poole

Mark Poole grew up in an Air Force lifestyle of constant moving across America. The only thing consistent in his life was his family, desire to read comics, fantasy and sci fi novels, and drawing. ...

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The Art of Drew Tucker

This new collection of work is loosely based on familiar children’s stories and tales that I had heard and have told to my children. These images are not intended to present the viewer with a “comp...

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The Landscapes of Magic: The Gathering

Landscapes of Magic: The Gathering is an exploration of the worlds that Magic: The Gathering artist have created from the early beginnings 1993 to present day. The purpose of this exhibition is to...

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MTG Reimagination Artwork & Sketches

What makes Magic so special are the artists who have created the art we still remember today. The innocence of the artists in their technique or their work has a very special place in my heart. I r...

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