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GMTGBANNER SERVICES1GMTG: Graded Magic Cards, LLC offers the most comprehensive suite of premium services in the Magic: The Gathering community.  GMTG has established itself as the leader in collector consultations, appraisals, and consignment services with over 12 years of experience.  Start maximizing the value of your collection by contact Daniel Chang directly or via telephone: 206.914.7974.

GMTG Suite of Premium Services:

  • GMTG Collector or Estate Consultations - Are you a collector or dealer looking to maximize the value of your collectibles or inventory?  Do you have an estate or inheritance of valuable Magic: The Gathering collectibles?  Contact a GMTG consultant today to ensure you receive the highest dollar for your collectibles!

MTG Stores and GMTG: Graded Magic Cards, LLC
presents :: The Collector's Consultation Process


  • Appraisal Services through GMTG - Are you looking to authenticate your collectibles?  Questions or hesitation about grading?  Would you like to get grades back that are guaranteed?  Look no further, GMTG offers the industries 100% Money-Back Guarantee.  If any collectible(s) don't meet your grading requirements, we will pay for the grading fee, no questions asked.  Unbeatable results, guaranteed!

MTG Stores and GMTG: Graded Magic Cards, LLC
presents :: The Appraisal Services Process


  • Consignment Services through GMTG - Looking for the only full service, world record price shattering consignment firm for Magic: The Gathering?  How about a cash advance as high as $100,000 USD for your collection?  GMTG: Graded Magic Cards Consignment Service has every customizable solution imaginable to maximize sales and exposure of your consignment.  Consignment payouts are paid via cash, company check, money order, or wire transfer within 24 hours.  Simply put, the most efficient & lucrative consignment service in the world!

MTG Stores and GMTG: Graded Magic Cards, LLC presents The Consignment Services Process

MTG Stores and GMTG: Graded Magic Cards, LLC presents The Payout Process

  • GMTG Marketing, Multimedia and Website Solutions - Mindshift Media offers the Magic: The Gathering's community exclusive marketing, multimedia and website solutions.  Learn more about how to maximize your exposure and most important profit to your business!
  • Platinum Preferred Partners - GMTG: Graded Magic Cards has partnered with only the elite Magic: The Gathering dealers around the world.  Each dealer has been certified by GMTG, and has been awarded the GMTG: Seal of Excellence.
  • Selling to GMTG - GMTG: Graded Magic Cards has built a reputation in the Magic: The Gathering community as the #1 buyer of vintage MTG cards.  It doesn't matter if your collection has graded or ungraded collectibles, GMTG will pay you in CASH for your collection.
  • Coming Soon: GMTG: Graded Magic Card's Premium Auctions - For the first time ever in the history of Magic: The Gathering, live auction bidding of the world's most important collectibles.  Full color, collector quality catalogs will showcase the pieces that fueled our collecting passion for the last 17 years.  For more information, please contact a GMTG Premium Auction consultant today!





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