"Untitled" Unused Original Artwork

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"Untitled" Unused Original Artwork

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  • Card Artist: Jesper Myrfors
  • Color: All Colors
  • Color Condition: Excellent
  • Framing: Unframed
  • Medium: Acrylic Gouache, Airbrush
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Rarity: No
  • Print Run: No
  • Set Name: Legends
  • Set Type: Expansion Set
  • Surface Condition: Excellent
  • Card Type: Original Artwork
  • Year: 1994
  • Insurance: Included

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"Untitled" Unused Original Artwork

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Offered is an unused artwork for the Legends Magic: The Gathering Expansion Set by Jesper Myrfors. Unused artworks are highly collectible as they still represent a piece of MTG history. Often. these piece(s) are wonderful works of creative expression. n