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VIV Card Review: Legends Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

Card Name: The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale

Date Released: June 1994

Set: Legends

Type: N/A

Graded: Review is on all types of cards, included graded variations

Overall Vintage Investment Value (VIV): 4




  1.  Playability | VIV = 5

The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale is extremely useful in a variety of decks. The card has the ability to force your opponent to pay one colorless mana for each creature they control, it pretty much is a guaranteed execution to their army.  With very few options to destroy the Tabernacle, this card has been graced with legendary status in Magic gaming.


  1. Collectiblity/Rarity | VIV = 4

With approximately 35 million Legends cards ever printed, the Tabernacle is one of the rarest cards in the collectible market. With a set size of 310 and where 121 are rare, there are less than 15,000 of each rare ever printed.  Considering the importance of the Tabernacle in game play and the high level of collectability in the grading market – the card will continue to remain extremely scarce for years to come.


  1. Growth/Volatility | VIV = 3

From an investment perspective, the Tabernacle is what I consider a “Blue Chip” stock.  It has steady growth and low volatility with its value fluctuating based on the demand for it in the marketplace.  Because the card already, has reached a high maturity price, I wouldn’t recommend this card for an investor who has an appetite for short term high growth & risk.



Overall, The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale has a solid value for any collector, investor, or player.  From a player perspective, the card will enjoy steady growth, even for played copies.  The only downside is the entry level to own the card makes it harder and harder to obtain due to the increasing price point.  As a collector and investor I would recommend purchasing PSA/BGS 8, 8.5, 9 & 9.5/10 copies.  With the demand in gameplay, the truly NM/MINT++ quality examples will command even higher premiums for long term investors.



Overall Vintage Investment Value (VIV) = 4




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Adolphus says:

Mar 31,2019

Bull market here for sure. This card was approx 750Usd (raw) when you wrote this article and even mentioned the potential difficulties with the higher price point. 4 years later this reserved list card is now anywhere from 1500-3000Usd+!

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