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ABOLISHING the MTG Reserve List – what is the IMPACT on OLD SCHOOL MAGIC Cards?

If the MTG Reserve List was ABOLISHED, what would happen to Power 9, Dual Lands and OLD SCHOOL MAGIC cards?

Nothing. Well I guess I need to make another video, as certain cards like Revised Dual Lands would drop for sure…



Bernt says:

Dec 14,2017

MTG was started as a collectible card game. What is the point of collecting if they reprint all cards destroying the value. Other angle is from a inside trading perspective. People in the know can work the MTG market with no checks, so transparency is the key to investor confidence, the reserve list provides this and should be expanded not abolished. My thought is allow proxies of key cards for vintage tournament qualifiers. If you are a finalist you can be sponsored and have the cards on loan. Personally I play casual with old school friends and have we have social agreement not to abuse. Its a game and meant to be enjoyed.


David C Coffin says:

Mar 08,2017

The reserve list makes Vintage challenging but still accessible. I've been playing budget vintage, because I simply cannot afford power cards. A reprint with different art would keep the nostalgia of the older cards and provide "playable" copies, albeit still out of my budget. There are simply less copies to play with as collectors buy up the market. We can start playing with proxy cards. We can play modern. Or we can spend a fortune and play with originals. Either way Mtg will remain fun for many years to come.


Matt says:

Feb 25,2017

Pretty much sums up my analysis as a largely collector. I have bought my copies of Power 9 largely on nostalgia (though I would play vintage if paper tournaments were more accessable). For that matter the whole reason I want to get into Old School is nostalgia. New prints with the ugly new frame and new art wouldn't do it for me I would still strive to obtain the original art BB cards. Agree there would be a slight dip on some cards but it would just be a blip on the radar not long term.

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