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BIG Changes coming from VintageMagic.com

Hello Vintage MTG Family,

I have been MIA on posting on our website for a while as we are going through a lot of restructuring over the last few years.  Because of our immense growth in business, I haven’t had the time to focus on the website.  Now with things normalized you can expect these exciting things happening for 2020:

  1.  More Store Items – We will be adding 500 to 1000 unique items on our website.  Yes, this may seem like a small number to other websites, but for ours we offering ONLY Vintage Magic: The Gathering rarities, so that is quite a lot.  You will find a wider selection of singles, graded cards, booster boxes/packs, prints, artwork and much more!!!
  2. Content – Higher frequency of articles and content.  We will offer FREE unique content on our website exclusively, primarily financial topics, investing and much more.
  3. Exclusive Promotions – SPECIAL Promotions featuring Magic: The Gathering prints.  Yes, for the last few years we have been developing a position on MTG Prints that will be exclusive to purchases or memberships on our website.  This will be announced later this year, but our goal is to offer Magic Artwork for collectors rather just price discounts.  This supports the artists and introduces a new opportunity to collect new items for Magic enthusiasts all over the world.
  4. Travel – Because of the Coronavirus Pandemic I will be lessening travel this year.  However, once things are normalized, I will be focused on meeting many of you all over the world by going to 6 to 12 MagicFests per year.  I’ll be announcing more details as the travel restrictions are lifted.
  5. Pokemon – WHAT?  Well I have added some Vintage Pokemon positions for our inventory, so I will be offering some of these items on our website.  Once they are gone, I will phase them out.  But there is a lot of variety, so there will be many items for years to come.
  6. YouTube Videos – I have had some changes with my schedule, but will start going back to more focused videos these next months.  I plan to have more posts focused on your favorite topics such as Finance Fridays, Motivation Mondays, ASK Daniel and much more…


Thank you everyone for being patient with me and your continued support of our business.  I hope everyone is safe with their families during this unprecedented times.  We are all being tested with an invisible enemy, it is important we stay vigilant and positive as we will all get out of this pandemic stronger than ever.

See you soon,

Daniel Chang

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