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Brian DeMars: 3rd @ GP SeaTac Legacy 2015 and Back on the Pro Tour

Last weekend was a big event for me and ended in the culmination of months of very hard work.  I finished 3rd place at Grand Prix SeaTac playing Miracles and finally earned my ticket back to the Pro Tour!

It is kind of funny because I wouldn’t be typically be able to attend a Grand Prix in Seattle (being from Michigan) because it is simply too far and too costly a trip.  The stars aligned for this one and as it just so happened to be an Eternal event in Daniel Chang’s backyard, Vintage Magic was gracious enough to fly me out! How lucky, right?

The weekend was an absolute blast.  I got to meet (and room with!) one of my all time favorite original Magic illustrators, Mark Poole (how cool is that?) and play A TON of Legacy. It was also great to get to meet many of the Vintage and Legacy players from the west coast while I was hanging out in the VM booth and playing in the event.

One of the highlights of the more subtle highlights of the trip was watching players crack packs of Revised, Legends, The Dark, Alliances, and Urza’s Saga in the booth. Be sure to check out the videos on the Vintagemagic Youtube channel because they are hilarious.

Huge Eternal tournaments (#GPSeaTac was over 2000 players!) are special because they really bring out the crowds of players who truly love the game. The event was really well run. I was particularly impressed with how many great artists were on site. Speaking of great artists who were on site, be sure to check out the Mark Poole and Jesper Mryfors exclusive Vintage Magic playmats.  They are AMAZING.

Thanks to Vintage Magic for helping me achieve my goal of getting back to the tour!  It was awesome to get out to the West Coast to play some Legacy.  The Eternal scene out there was very impressive and the people were absolute super cool.

FBe sure to check back on the site later this week for my article on the Miracles deck that I used to qualify for the Pro Tour!

Cheers, Brian DeMars.


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