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FREE Appraisal for your collection for month of September 2016

For the month of September 2016, Vintage Magic is happy to announce FREE APPRAISAL for your entire collection.  That is right.  This service value could be in the thousands of appraisal fees, for SEPT. 2016 it is FREE.  Why should you get your collection appraised?  Well lets run down the list:

  1.  Insurance purposes – save yourself the time and hassle if there is a claim but knowing what your collection is worth.  Insurance companies require a business (we are licensed) that specializes in the product of the claim.  If you have vintage/legacy/old school magic collectibles, we are your best source for an appraisal.
  2. What is the value of my collection? – Have you wondered what the real value of our collection is?  Don’t let your friends, a local dealer or card shark give you an inaccurate evaluation.  We have over 15 years of experience in evaluating collections.  It doesn’t matter if your collection is worth $100 or 1 million, Vintage Magic has appraised it all.
  3. Save money before you grade your cards – So you have a bunch of cards you want to grade.  Vintage Magic will appraise the cards and pre-grade them for you.  YES, we will tell you the grade and subgrades, guaranteed.  No one in the industry as graded more high-end MTG cards than Vintage Magic.
  4. Peace of Mind before you sell – Need a last minute second opinion?  Looking to eBay your collection?  We can help give you that professional advice so you can feel the peace of mind you are making the right choice.
  5. Need a 3rd party broker to seal a deal? – Do you have a collection need someone to verify the authenticity, condition and value?  Vintage Magic can step into any collection purchase at any point needed.  Whether you have questions of the initial phases or want us to verify a deal before it paid – we can help!


To begin your FREE appraisal – click on the banner below:

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