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VintageMagic.com vending @ GP Las Vegas 2018 {#GPVegas}

Vintage Magic will be Vending @ GP Las Vegas 2018 | June 13th to 17th, 2018.  Because this is the ONLY Grand Prix we are vending this year, we will be offering incredible promotions & selection of graded magic cards, singles, sealed boxes/packs, misprints/oddities and more!  If you’re interested in original artwork please contact us prior to the GP for show pick-up or viewing.

At the Vintage Magic Table, you will find the largest selection of Old School Magic, Vintage & Legacy singles, rarities, graded cards and Sealed Product.  Below are all the details of what to expect when you visit us.  We look forward to earning your business!



Check out our newest video about GP Vegas 2018 {more videos below}:


Vintage Magic will be at Booth TO BE ANNOUNCED:



 We are in booth TO BE ANNOUNCED




Larger Map View, TO BE ANNOUNCED





Vintage Magic is PAYING up to 50% more than ANY DEALER AT GP VEGAS 2017 for…

If you’re thinking of selling, trading or upgrading your collection, Vintage Magic is the only place to go to get higher than buylist on quality Old School Magic, Vintage & Legacy Cards.  If you’re a collector looking to sell your complete sets of Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Legends, Antiquites, etc… or a player wanting to selling your cards or deck for extra cash, look no further.

For GP Vegas 2018 ONLY, Vintage Magic will pay more than ANY DEALER at the show for Mint, ungraded Alpha, Beta, Unlimited, Arabian Nights, Antiquities, Legends, Revised, and FBB Limited singles & sealed product.  Please visit our glossary for our condition requirements.

Vintage Magic will pay up to 50% more than any listed buylist or offer from ANY verified dealer at GP Vegas 2018 for the sets list above in Mint UNGRADED Condition.  We do buy graded cards, but it does depend on the quality upon inspection.

All you need to do is come by our booth with your decks, collection or sets and start turning it into cash!!!

***Vintage Magic reserves the right not to purchase any cards if too much has been purchased or if the card(s) are altered or inked***



Check out the INCREDIBLE Booster Pack deals we have exclusively @ GP Vegas 2018

Come by our booth for the WIDEST selection of Magic: The Gathering packs to open or add to your collection.  Rudy from Alpha Investments will be filming clients wanting to open their packs.  Last year, “The Professor” opened an Italian Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale on camera.

We will have boosters/starter decks from Beta, Arabian Nights, Legends, Antiquities, Revised, The Dark, Stronghold, Urza’s Saga, Urza’s Destiny, Future Sight, Masters Sets {2013, 2015, 2017, Masters 25, Eternal Masters, Iconic Masters} and much more!!!



***While Supplies last.  We reserve to right to limit purchases to give everyone a shot to purchase.***

***All packs are factory sealed, guaranteed un-searched, in most cases from factory sealed booster boxes opened at GP Vegas 2018***


Looking for GMTG, Sideboard, Power 9, Dual Lands, Old School Magic/Vintage/Legacy Staples?

Vintage Magic has a wide selection of GMTG: Graded Magic Cards, Sideboard, Power 9, Dual Lands, Old School Magic/Vintage & Legacy Staples, Artist Proofs, PIMP/Alter Cards and more!

Also, we will be displaying some of the RAREST Magic cards in the world, including a complete set of Summer Magic Graded Duals, the highest graded set in existence!

summer duals


GP Vegas 2018 Announcements/Promotions



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