Artist Representation Services

Artist Representation Services

The Vintage Magic Artist Representation Service was designed to simplify the experience when purchasing products from MTG Artists. One of the biggest frustrations we hear from clients is they spend an enormous amount of time when purchasing a piece of art, alters, artist proofs, signings or any MTG artist product. Another frustration is the lack of communication when inquiring or purchasing an order. Imagine receiving one invoice, consistent communication of your order status, and pricing that fits your budget. Let us manage the busy work so you don’t have too!

Why should you utilize the Vintage Magic Artist Representation Services?

•    Relationship/Network – Vintage Magic has solid relationships with the largest network of Magic: The Gathering Artist in the world.
•    Save a LOT of Time–The saying goes, “Time is money,” holds true in life.  Let Vintage Magic manage commission orders, shipping/tracking, negotiate contracts & cost so you can enjoy more time gaming!
•    Peace of Mind –Never again will not know where your product order, signings, or commission status stands.  Vintage Magic provides the highest level of communication every step of the way.

To start saving time, money & peace of mind, contact us today.  The only decision you need to make is how you will display your new artwork!

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