Vintage Magic has auctioned, brokered, or sold nearly every important Magic: The Gathering rarity in the world. With over 23 years of consignment management experience, our commitment to you is to maximize the value of your collection. As our client, expect the highest level of communication, performance, professionalism, and reporting in the world. We also travel for significant collections and offer cash advances up to 1 million USD.

Why should you consign your collection to Vintage Magic?

•    Over 25 years in the collectibles business
•    Over 23 years of consignment management experience
•    Auctioned, brokered or sold nearly every important & value Magic: The Gathering collectible
•    Cash advances of up to 2 million USD
•    24/7 Client Concierge Service
•    World Leader in Vintage Magic: The Gathering Collectibles
•    FREE Appraisals for every item in your collection

What item(s) are accepted in the Vintage Magic Consignment Program?

•    Any mainstream published Magic: The Gathering (MTG) card, 1993 to Present
•    Any MTG Sealed Product(s) from 1993 to Present
•    Any MTG & Non-Magic Original Artwork(s)/Sketch(es)/Print(s)/Giclee(s)
•    Any Artist Proof(s)/Altered Card(s)/PIMP Card(s)
•    Any Misprint/Oddity/Miscut/Test Print card(s)
•    Any MTG Memorabilia/Artifact/Uncut Sheet(s)
•    Any Vintage Pokemon Ungraded/Graded Cards and Box(es)
•    Any Language(s)

What item(s) are you not accepted in the Vintage Magic Consignment Program?

•    NON-MTG (Yu-Gi-Oh, Sportscards, etc…) related collectibles
•    Stolen Merchandise

How does the Vintage Magic Consignment Process work?

•    Contact Vintage Magic for a FREE Consultation
•    After a consignment rate & terms are agreed, a legal binding contract is signed
•    Your collection will be mailed or dropped off in person to a Vintage Magic Representative.  Once all items/collection value is verified, Vintage Magic will assume all liability of the collection
•    Vintage Magic will travel for significant collections.  We will determine arrangements during the consultation process
•    Vintage Magic will appraise any item(s) necessary and utilize third party grading companies – BGS & PSA – as necessary to increase the value of your collection.
•    As your collectibles are being sold, you receive monthly payments as well as a full ledger of every transaction and sale.
•    Once your entire collection has been sold, the consignment will end.
•    The general time frame to sell a collection varies.  We will determine an accurate estimate during the consultation process.

How do I start the consignment process?

To begin your consignment, click the contact us button below.  A Vintage Magic Representative will contact you within 48 hours.  Thank you again for your business interest in the Vintage Magic Consignment Program!

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