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Thankful for my SOBRIETY. Thankful for the MTG Community.

It has been nearly 5 years I have drank a sip of Alcohol.  Best decision I ever made, as my life has changed for the better and stronger than ever.

Without the support of my family, and friends, the journey would have been impossible.

And with sobriety, one the greatest gifts is to be closer to the Magic: The Gathering Community – one I have had some of the most incredible experiences of my life.

This Thanksgiving, THANK YOU to EVERYONE who has given me support & love.  You are all are amazing!!!



Justin says:

Apr 20,2018

Thank you so much for sharing. I’m on my second road to recovery from alcohol and it’s certainly not an easy task. It always helps to know that there are people just like me and that we aren’t alone. MTG is a great outlet to distract from the cravings and I’m thankful for that.


Tommy says:

Apr 18,2018

Hell yeah brother!


Michael says:

Apr 01,2018

Hi Daniel,

Just came across this website today, as i have recently gotten back into MTG and of course, immediately, I gravitate towards wanting to deeply acknowledge the past history and all its mystique. It also turns out Im going through the struggle of attaining sobriety from alcohol at the same time as getting back in to magic and I feel the timing couldnt be better. Thanks for the inspiring post!


Matt says:

Dec 30,2017

Hey man, I came into Magic fairly late this year and I'm probably a little older than most to be starting. I've found your content really interesting and informative but mostly I wanted to say kudos to you for kicking the booze. I did it a long time back and I've never felt better. Keep it up!

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