VIV Introduction

What is VIV?

VIV, or Vintage Investment Value is an investment index or rating scale (1 through 5) to help collectors, investors and players make a more informative decision when purchasing Magic: The Gathering collectibles.


How was the VIV rating system developed?

VIV was created to mirror our slogan: “Game. Collect. Invest.” In the VIV articles the rating scale is as follows:

Game. = Play-ability | Importance to casual & tournament game-play as well as price/value for players.

Collect. = Collect-ability/Rarity | Item is measured on its short and long term collect-ability. Rarity plays a major factor in the price & value but the VIV ranking dictates overall desirability.

Invest. = Growth/Volatility | Item is measured on short and long term growth. Volatility must be sustainable with opportunity of financial growth.


Where can you find a VIV Article?

On, select “Articles” and then select “Investment Articles” from the drop down menu.


When can you expect a new VIV article?

The most recent VIV articles will be published on in the beginning of each month.


What type of Magic collectibles will be on VIV Articles?

Nothing will be excluded in the world of Magic: The Gathering. We will focus on Vintage & Legacy collectibles first. However, newer cards will be reviewed occasionally. Types of collectibles covered include: Artwork, artist proofs, altered cards, signed cards, PIMP cards, graded & ungraded cards, sketches, prints, sets, booster/starter boxes, booster/starter packs/decks, & uncut sheets.

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