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I wanted to start out and thank everyone who has supported my business throughout the years. I’m blessed to be able to wake up every day and do something I’m extremely passionate about. Thank you for taking time to learn more about the vision of I look forward to meeting you at a Magic: The Gathering event or art show in the near future!

A brief history about our business – Since entering the Magic: The Gathering industry market in 2009, our business has gone through several branding/website transformations. One of the challenges we had was branding ourselves to encompass everything there was to offer in Vintage/Legacy Magic: The Gathering formats.

As an avid collector & investor of Magic: The Gathering rarities, I noticed there was not a website in Magic that was focused in giving advice and information on collecting or investing. So in January 2013, we rebranded our businesses and began development for The dream to develop a “one stop shop” website for everyone in the Vintage & Legacy scene has become a reality.

This introduction is only a small glimmer of what our website has to offer. Our website will be changing constantly, so please keep checking back for exciting products, content, events and much more. From all of us at, thank you for giving us the opportunity to earn your business!



My vision for the Vintage Magic Store is to reinvent the normal MTG shopping experience. In the typical shopping experience, you have to compare pricing from multiple vendors. Also, if you’re interested in artwork, collectibles, GMTG: Graded Magic Cards, sealed product, Misprints/Oddities, you most likely had to search several more websites or forums to find what you’re looking for.

What if there was one site that had it all, and on top of that rewarded you for shopping with us?

The Vintage Magic Store is just that. As an annual member, you can save up to 12% from our already industry competitive prices. That’s right, more competitive than eBay or any other vendor on the web, you get instant savings. Now, saving money doesn’t matter if you don’t have products you want to buy. Look no more. Our selection will have all the cards players will need for their decks, but what I’m most excited about is our selection for GMTG, sealed product, Misprints/Oddities, and Original Magic Artwork & Sketches. No more searching the web for the rarest MTG collectibles, now you can buy cards for your deck and collection all in one place!

Please keep checking in daily, we are acquiring new items every day. Chances are if we are out of stock we will get it in stock in the near future. Please contact us with any specific rarities you’re looking for. We value your business and time, so thank you again for allowing us the opportunity to do business with you.



One of my passions about Magic: The Gathering is the artwork & the artists. In 1994, during lunch time in high school, I stumbled across Magic as a group of friends were playing a card game. I immediately was drawn to images like the Vesuvan Doppelganger, Wrath of God, and Underground Sea. I asked my friends, “Why are you playing with these cards without sleeves, the art is incredible?” They looked at me and said, “Because Magic is a game, come try it out.” That day was awesome, I learned how to play, but the entire time, I was amazed by the incredible detail and creativity of the art.

My vision for the Vintage Magic Art Gallery is to share the beautiful works from Fantasy Illustrators & Artist from all over the world. Our gallery will be like a “museum” experience – each visit you will find something new & exciting to explore.

Each gallery exhibition will feature a unique story to the world of Magic. We will have themed exhibits such as “The Landscapes of Magic” & “Creatures of World of Magic” as well as featured Vintage MTG Artist such as Mark Poole, Drew Tucker & Jesper Myrfors showcasing current creations in one gallery.

The art has a very special place in my heart as I’m drawn to the beautiful works Fantasy & MTG Artists have created. I hope to meet you at a future art show or convention and learn about your passion for Fantasy & Magic: The Gathering Art!



My vision for Vintage Magic Services is to offer every collector, investor and player the opportunity to have a professional experience & resource when it comes time to either buy or sell their collection. One of the things I noticed about the industry is that there is no “one stop” shop where people can work with one company on every collecting/investing need they may have. The solution was simple, to create a portfolio of services that will eliminate any challenges a client may have, so they can focus on collecting/investing/playing and let do the work.

Our services range from Consultation, Appraisal, Consignment, Deck & Set collector Fulfillment, and Artist Brokerage Services. Each service is backed by our 100%

satisfaction guarantee – if you are not satisfied in any way with our service(s) we will do everything to make it right.

I’m very proud of our services program as it really focuses on an area of Magic most clients do not consider until it’s too late. When you’re done playing, how can you use your collection as an investment platform to grow for your family & the future? I look forward to speaking to everyone in regards to their collection and helping make the right decisions in managing their collecting/investing needs.



Probably one of the most important areas of our website is the articles & exclusive content. As a Member you will enjoy the most current and relevant articles from every aspect of Vintage/Legacy Magic: The Gathering. I’m really excited to have Brian DeMars on the helm in providing the Eternal Community the highest quality, innovative and informative player strategy articles in the industry. Our ultimate goal is to be the world leader in Eternal content – Brian has the experience, strategy, and vision that will get us there.

It is important to point out, will also feature articles from MTG Artists, collectors & investors. We have something for every Magic enthusiast. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie to art and want to learn more about how to start collecting, or maybe you’re a collector looking to see how to protect and preserve your collection – our articles will give you the insight that will help you improve your collecting/investing experience.

For those of you who do not like to read, we also will be investing in podcasts and streaming videos in the future. Currently we have over 100 videos on our You Tube channel. Please visit our “Community” Page featuring all of our social media outlets. Stay connected for the latest news, sales, and buzz in the world of Vintage Magic.

With information getting faster than ever, the goal at is to give you that information without searching multiple websites. Our Calendar of events streamlines all of your gaming needs in one place by giving all the details you will need to play at a local, national, or international level.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an event to play in, or read about how the pros play, our website will have something for every level of player. And as a member you will have the access to all the content, FIRST. We are always looking for your feedback on content, please email us your suggestions at



Being a Vintage Magic Member isn’t just the typical membership – it is the only membership that will give you instant savings and value every day. Our packages are either monthly or annual with 3 tiers – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Not only will you get savings on your purchases, you will get full access to our gallery, articles, as well as discounts on apparel & shipping.

Our membership program really rewards our loyal clients. As a gold annual member, you will save up to 12% off your purchase, no maximum savings! Why in the world would we offer already competitive pricing compared to eBay and other retailers and give another 12% off? The reason is we want our clients who are committed to us for the full year not worry about getting a great value; they always get a great value, every day!

Along with discounts, our exclusive content will be very attractive to players wanting to read our strategy articles. Starting at $5 a month, as a Bronze Monthly member you will have full access to every article on our website. This includes play strategies, collector, investor & artist articles, all at a low price.

How do you determine which membership is right for you? Well the easiest way is to compare our memberships here.



As Daniel pointed out our motto at is “Game. Collect. Invest.” And where content is concerned it is our goal to provide readers with a variety of resources to enhance and enrich their gaming and collecting experience.

I’ve written hundreds of M:TG strategy articles over the years spanning a wide range of M:TG topics but Vintage and Legacy have always been my favorite subjects. So, to find an ‘all Eternal all the time’ gig at Vintage Magic was basically a dream come true. I’m grateful for the opportunity to help bring Daniel’s vision for a comprehensive, interactive Eternal resource to life and to provide a unique resource for Eternal fans all over the world.

All of that being said, it is my goal to ensure that publishes top-notch Vintage, Legacy, and collectible content that Eternal fans will find both exciting and engaging. We already have a marquee mix of Eternal writers, podcasters, and video producers on board, including: Stephen Menendien, Paul Mastriano and of course myself, and we will be expanding our roster and adding new writers as the year goes on.

Eternal is a perfect merger of collecting and gaming and to reflect this unique relationship our content will also feature some fascinating finance and collectible articles written by Jeff Anand and VM President, Daniel Chang. So, whether you are looking to

gain a strategic advantage at your next Eternal tournament or looking for great advice about how to go about getting started collecting cool M:TG original artwork–Vintage Magic has you covered!

For those of you Vintage and/or Legacy experts out there interested in contributing content to the website feel free to get in touch with me at: 

We’ve got some really exciting articles and content coming up in the next few weeks so be sure to check in regularly and take it all in!



I am also happy to announce that will also be featuring a complete comprehensive calendar of worldwide Eternal events. With one simple click of the mouse Eternal fans can easily search and find Vintage or Legacy events in their geographic region. Check out the Eternal Calendar to find tons of exciting Eternal tournament info near you.

Looking to grow your local weekly Legacy event or draw some nearby road warriors to your monthly Vintage proxy event? Send us your tournament information and we’ll happily upload it to our Eternal calendar free of charge: 

Our goal is to help grow and promote Vintage and Legacy anywhere that we can so we encourage everybody to check out the calendar and plays as much Eternal Magic as possible!



Thank you for taking the time to read more about Vintage During the next few months, there will be a lot exciting updates being done on our website. Check in often, as we will have new articles, products, news & promotions posted weekly.

At Vintage Magic, our primary goal is to grow a personal relationship with every MTG collector, investor, & player. I look forward to meeting all of you at a future Grand Prix, Art show or a casual event. Your opinions & comments do matter, so please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

Yours in gaming, collecting & investing,

Daniel Chang

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