"A Quiet Moment" Original Artwork by Mark Poole

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"A Quiet Moment" Original Artwork by Mark Poole

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  • Card Artist: Mark Poole
  • Color: No
  • Color Condition: Excellent
  • Framing: Fully framed
  • Medium: Oils
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Rarity: No
  • Print Run: No
  • Set Name: N/A
  • Set Type: N/A
  • Surface Condition: Excellent
  • Card Type: Original Artwork
  • Year: 2015
  • Insurance: Included

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"A Quiet Moment" Original Artwork by Mark Poole

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For your consideration, a piece of fine art by Mark Poole. Recently, the piece was hanging at the Mazza Museum early this year in July.  Size: 18" x 32" | Oil on Canvas panel

Artist Statement - I chose Pocahontas for the dual challenge of two conflicting worlds, one of a troubled historical character and one of a magical vision. Disney’s Pocahontas was my favorite of the newer films, both in story and in art. Disney’s vision of two characters from two different cultures working to do the right thing when tradition and culture are fighting against them is an intriguing dichotomy.

My vision lead me down a path to a quiet pond, an ancient willow and a few animal spirits where it is peaceful as the last beams of the sun break through spots in the forest. A magical place of waiting where you connect with yourself and breathe the air that is free of judgement and expectation.