Vintage Magic Original Art (1993-1996)

Vintage Magic Original Art (1993-1996)

Jesper Myrfors, the original art director for Magic: The Gathering had a vision. He believed in artists creating works that would be original art that had their own identity. Limited art direction, the vintage magic art had an unique look and feel unlike anything ever created. Discover an exploration of selected Vintage Magic: The Gathering works surely to bring back memories of the past and where it all began.

One of the many tales of the early beginnings of Magic: The Gathering was the original artwork being displayed at the garage of Peter Adkison's (original CEO of Wizards of the Coast). At the time, it was about the game, about the art, everything was new, fresh, and exciting. More tales and journeys will be explored through the art that created the World's Greatest Collectible Card Game - Magic: The Gathering.

We welcome you to explore select works below, the creative process behind them, and the history of creating these fascinating artifacts. Today, over 80% of all Magic: The Gathering art is digital. In 1993 to 1996 EVERY artwork was created traditionally. Do you prefer the vintage art or the modern art of today? We would love to hear your feedback by contacting us here.

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