"Omens" Original Artwork by Mark Poole

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"Omens" Original Artwork by Mark Poole

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  • Card Artist: Mark Poole
  • Color: No
  • Color Condition: Excellent
  • Framing: Fully framed
  • Medium: Oils
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Rarity: No
  • Print Run: No
  • Set Name: N/A
  • Set Type: N/A
  • Surface Condition: Excellent
  • Card Type: Original Artwork
  • Year: 2014
  • Insurance: Included

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"Omens" Original Artwork by Mark Poole

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For your consideration, a piece of fine art by Mark Poole. This piece was nominated for the 2015 Chesley Award for Best Color Unpublished Work.  Size: 42" x 54" | Oil on Birch Canvas Panel

Artist Bio:  Mark Poole grew up in an Air Force lifestyle of constant moving across America. The only thing consistent in his life was his family, desire to read comics, fantasy and sci fi novels, and drawing. The worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs, (mainly John Carter of Mars) opened his mind and created a desire in him to create.

Mark began his professional journey making illustrations for companies like TSR and Dragon magazine along with many small press and independent gaming companies. In 1992 Mark was asked to be part of a small adventure with a small company called Wizards of the Coast. He is one of the original artists for the game “Magic the Gathering” with some of his early cards being: Ancestral Recall, Counterspell, Birds of Paradise, Balance and Library of Alexandria. This opened many doors and companies for him to work with such as: Hasbro, Sony Online Entertainment, Lucas Entertainment, Blizzard Entertainment, White Wolf Studios, History Channel, Cirque du Soleil and many others over his 20 year career.

Mark still works in the gaming industry, but is now focusing on his personal visions and gallery paintings. His works explore dream narrative and visions which focus on a mood. Most are done in oil.