Payment Plans

Thank you for shopping on!  We understand collectors and players have limited budgets when you purchasing MTG cards or collectibles.  Sometimes you have money tied up in other investments, but will have funds available at a later time, but you don't want to miss out on card(s) for your collection or deck.  Please read all the information below before initiating a payment plan request.  You can always begin a request by contacting us here.


Is a payment plan right for me?

1.  Before you consider putting item(s) on payment plan, please keep in mind the risks involved.  

2.  Please consider your own financial budget, and if you will be able to pay off the item(s) within the term period agreed.

3.  In addition, you are not allowed to market or pre-sell an item on payment plan.  Meaning, you may not put a payment plan item on any forum, auction house, or private transaction until the item(s) have been paid for in full.  Any violation to this rule will result in loss of your non-refundable deposit and cancellation of the item(s) held for payment plan.


What qualifies for a payment plan?

1.  Vintage Magic gladly accepts payment plans for any purchase or trade over $250.

2.  All item(s) in the Vintage Magic Store are available for payment plan.  Any items that are not available for payment plan will be noted in the item description.


What is the process for item(s) on payment plan?

1.  To begin a payment plan, please contact us and advise item(s) you wish to purchase.  A Vintage Magic Representative will contact you within 24 hours.  

2.  During your FREE consultation with a Vintage Magic Representative, we will discuss terms of sale, time period of pay off, and other questions you may have.

3.  Once a payment plan agreement has been agreed in writing, a 10 to 20% non-refundable deposit is required.

4.  When the entire balance is paid, the card will be shipped to the client.  

Please note:  For repeat clients, we will send item(s) upfront so they many enjoy them immediately. 

5.  If for any reason, the client is unable to pay for the full balance of the item(s) on hold, the non-refundable deposit will be kept by Vintage Magic and the any other funds paid above the deposit will be returned to the client.