"Gamer" Time Walk (2013) Playmat by Amy Weber

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"Gamer" Time Walk (2013) Playmat by Amy Weber

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  • Artist: Amy Weber
  • Dimensions: 12'' (Width) x 24'' (Length)
  • Location/Event/Type: Vintage Magic Art Recreation
  • Special Remarks: Machine Washable
  • Year: 2014
  • Insurance: Included

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"Gamer" Time Walk (2013) Playmat by Amy Weber

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This playmat has been signed by the original Artist Amy Weber. Recreation/Reimagination of the "Time Walk (2014)" by Amy Weber commissioned by VintageMagic.com, LLC in 2014.
This playmat is very special as the artwork has a timeless image of the Time Walk with new fine art creations by Amy. The "Four Seasons" as the "Time Walk" Guy walking through time & teleports back - hints a narrative we can all relate too.
Offered here is a one of a kind collectible - Amy Weber created an reimagination original artwork of the "Time Walk" in 2014. This image is now being offered for collectors & players around the world on a special playmat.The "collector" playmat is perfect for those who wish to lightly play or display their playmat.
This "Gamer" playmat is unsigned. If you're looking for the signed version, please purchase the "Collector" Playmat. If you're looking for drawings on your playmat (both B&W/Color) please purchase the "Collector" Playmat. Amy will not create any drawings on "Gamer" Playmats. Please message us prior to purchasing for more details.
Playmat Specifications: Size 24'' x 12'' | Vendors: Inked Playmats | Machine Washable (If there is artwork or signed, do not wash)